Whether it’s jumping into the ocean, becoming one with nature, or great places to spend time with little ones, there’s no shortage of fun activities to experience in Dar-es-Salaam...

Bongoyo Island

Photo Credit: Flyswiss

You can catch a boat to Bongoyo from Slipway, on the Msasani Peninsula, just north of Dar Es Salaam.

Mbudya Island

Photo Credit: Martina Ressmuller

To visit Mbudya Island, take a boat from the White Sands Hotel, located by Jangwani beach, on Africana road.

Coco Beach

Photo Credit: Pippa RFP

Is along Toure Drive on the Peninsula.The Beach is very busy on weekends. During weekdays  and in the afternoons is an ideal place for relaxation and enjoying local meals.

Dar es Salaam Zoo

Photo Credit: My Dar es Salaam

The zoo is located in the Kigamboni-district in the eastern part of the city, 37 km from Downtown Dar es Salaam.

Sea Sense

Photo Credit: Seasense

Sea Sense has teamed up with safari operator Authentic Tanzania who offer fully guided trips to watch Sea turtle nests.

Century Cinemax

Photo Credit: Century Cinemax

Century Cinemax group are the largest cinema operators in the East Africa region, located in all the prime malls in Dar Es Salaam.

Bahari, Kunduchi and Africana

Photo Credit: My Dar es Salaam

Located about 25km to the north of Dar Es Salaam along New Bagamoyo Road. The hotels at these beaches will charge a small fee for non-guests

Kigamboni also known as "South Beach"

Photo Credit: My Dar es Salaam

You can get to Kigamboni by ferry. The ferry station is at the cross section of Kivukoni front and Obama road near the main fish market

JMK Youth Park

The Jakaya M. Kikwete Youth Park (JMK Park) is a non–profit multi–sport youth facility located at Makamba Street, across from the Sikh Temple Kidongo Chekundu... More

Petite Park

Petite Park features one of the finest indoor toddler play areas in the country. Our focus is on fun through movement as youngsters crawl, roll, jump, and explore. Children participate with a parent or caretaker in an "open play" environmen... More