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Great Things To See & Do In Dar-es-Salaam Take a look at our best things to see and do in Dar-es-Salaam. From visiting Dar-es-Salaam's vibrant markets to discovering most beautiful beaches and all that's in between... More

Beach Clubs In Dar-es-Salaam For Seaside Chills These beach bars and clubs in Dar-es-Salaam are great for boozing, chilling and all-out partying... More

Dar Reality Tour (Afri Roots) The tour touches on the history of the city – learn about wazaramo, the first neighborhoods of Dar, Dar in the colonial era, the role of the city in liberation struggles of sub Saharan Africa – visit Frelimo and ANC buildings, learn about Malcom X and Che Guvara in Tanzania, what they did here how they helped in the struggle for independence... More

Tours & Activities Bored of the usual weekend trips to the beach? Or tired of showing your visiting buds the same old market routines? Abandon your comfort zone and leap into the unknown with these fun and enlightening tours and activities... Coming Soon