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Dar-es-Salaam's Experiences Together with our partners, we have created and curated these tours and activities to embody My Dar-es-Salaam’s mission - to share the best of Dar-es-Salaam...

Dar-es-Salaam Walking Tour From Swahili culture heritage to colonial era buildings and monuments, to modern and contemporary skyscrapers, the tour of Dar es Salaam's city center has enough to tell over the country's history and its glorious future... More

Karibu Uswahilini Tour Home to over 5 million Swahili speaking population, Dar-es-Salaam can be considered as the Swahili capital of the world. Swahili language, cuisine, fashion, and music are some of the cultural aspects of the Swahili people to discover in Dar es Salaam... More

Island Dreams Tour Dar-es-Salaams offshore islands is a group of marine wildlife reserves situated off the coast of Dar es Salaam. Visiting the Islands is a popular day-trip for both visitors and residents of the city, serving as a place for a variety of leisure activities including snorkeling, sunbathing and hiking... More

Art And Design Tour Dar-es-Salaam is increasingly reputed for its innovation and creativity. The city is home to many Tanzania's established and budding fashion talents, artists and designers. Shopping opportunities for unique and unusual items abound in every corner of the city, especially when it comes to art and design... More

Msasani Peninsula Tour The Msasani Peninsula is located just a few kilometers north of downtown Dar es Salaam, a popular choice for diplomats and ex-pat life. The Peninsula is home to some of the city's main shopping and recreation centers... More

South Beach, Kigamboni Tour The name “South Beach” refers to a series of white sandy beaches located in Dar-es-Salaam’s southern district, Kigamboni. Kigamboni is considered to have the best beaches in Dar-es-Salaam, and a trip to one is typically an all- or multi-day affair... More

Flavours Of Dar-es-Salaam Dar es Salaam offers a variety of cuisines that reflect its multicultural residents. From the popular "Nyama Choma" (Roasted meat), "Mishkaki" (kebab variant of Tanzania), to traditional African, Indian, and Arab cuisines... More

Pugu Hills Nature Reserve The reserve extends over a large hilly area south-west of Dar es Salaam. The source of the Msimbazi river, that flows into the Indian Ocean in the surroundings of Dar-es-Salaam is inside the reserve... More

Dar-es-Salaam After Dark There's plenty of entertainment waiting for you in Dar-es-Salaam after the sun goes down. A great number of cocktail bars has sprouted across the city to cater to more refined taste buds, and, for those who wish to enjoy their drinks while admiring Dar-es-Salaam’s changing skyline... More

Mama Ntilie Food Tour When the hunger pangs come calling, "Mama Ntilie" spots in Dar-es-Salaam are your best bet for affordable local food. This one is for the avid foodies craving diverse flavours. With the highest number of local dishes to be sampled as part of a tour... More

Yacht Cruise Dar-es-Salaam Planning to embark on a scenic yacht cruise of Dar-es-Salaams’s offshore  islands or thinking of  bringing your family and friends to the seas for a maritime bash that  will never forget, book a yacht and set sail... More

Dar-es-Salaam Bicycle Tour Hop on a two-wheeler and explore Dar-es-Salaam with cycling routes that take you from the heart of the city to the neighbourhoods and seaside to untouched nature... More

Sights, Sounds And Smells Of India For a tiny peek of India in this multicultural city, journey through our Little India tour. Smell the scent of flowers and spices, taste the best of Indian cuisine, admire the beauty of sarees and jewellery, and watch the world go by in one of the many cafes... More

Bagamoyo - Take The Load Off And Rest Once the capital of German East Africa, Bagaomoyo is a historical town roughly 65 km northwest of Dar-es-Salaam. Bagamoyo is an extension of a settlement much older (8th century) called Kaole. By the 17th century, Bagamoyo grew in prosperity and became an important stop in the caravan trade... More