There are enough night clubs and happenings in Dar es Salaam. Here is our pick for the best places in Dar es Salaam......


 News Cafe: News Cafe offers and facilitates a premium entertainment experience for its aspirational customer base by efficiently serving world class food offerings and premier beverage choices in an atmosphere that is contemporary, vibrant and relevant... More


Triniti Bar & Restaurant:  Are you more the quiet type? Do come and visit us during the week. 

In for a party? Don't forget to pass by on the Friday's to capture the eclectic Dar crowd... More

    Level 8 Bar: Dar es Salaam’s only rooftop bar. Offering 360 degree views of the harbor and the city skyline. Enjoy exotic cocktails while listening to the latest beats, as the sun sets gently over the city... More

Q Bar:On December 31st 1997, a teenage dream of opening a bar in Dar with a mixed crowd and a laid back atmosphere became real. Along with that bar, a small, unassuming guesthouse opened, 12 rooms in all... More 

   Slipway Pub (The Waterfront): Dar es Salaam's most popular seafront restaurant offers stunning sunsets over the Indian ocean. The menu includes fresh seafood, grilled meats and a variety of Pizza from the wood-fired oven.The bar is well-frequented by both locals and tourists and... More

Bandari Grill Restaurant, at New Africa Hotel: Welcome to New Africa Hotel's Bandari Grill, where service is sincere and quality is never of question. Sit back, relax and enjoy a delicious meal. Bandari Grill recognizes that all of its guests have different... More

Akemi: Akemi is Tanzania’s only revolving restaurant. Located in  one of the most tallest buildings in Dar es Salaam, Akemi offers the most breathtaking views of the city in a magnificent and elegant interior and ambience... More 

High Spirit Lounge Bar: High Spirit is a restaurant, bar lounge and night club in the heart of the city centre in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania that was inaugurated on 6th June 2014. Marvel at the panoramic city and sea views and the endless ceiling of ... More 

Las Vegas Casino: Whether it be for our delicious cappuccino or for a vibrant night out to enjoy the adrenaline of our games we very much look forward to seeing you at Las Vegas Casino.  Las Vegas Casino is situated next to the Ocean near to the city centre in ‘Upanga’... More