Public Generated Content Guidelines

My Dar es Salaam and its affiliates would like to share your photo with our fans on our social networking pages (such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), on our websites, in physical form (for example in advertising or marketing materials), emails, or some other new and cool way.


If you agree, we may display your photo throughout the world in any advertising or marketing materials or in any electronic or digital media (including, for example, the internet and in emails) for commercial, marketing and/or public relations purposes in perpetuity.


Also, before we can use your photo, we need confirmation that every person and trademark owner in the photo has approved and consented to our use of the photo for the advertising and marketing purposes described in this paragraph.


We will acknowledge you as the source of the photo when possible. By affirmatively responding, you are confirming that you and every person and trademark owner agree to our use of the photo as described, that you took this picture, and that you are not a minor.